How to debloat and get a flat stomach

So you had a great weekend, lots of good food, a few too many drinks. But now it’s Monday morning and you regret the cheat meal that turned into a cheat day that turned into a cheat weekend? No problem, I got you. During the week I tend to eat clean and work out daily. On the weekend however I allow myself to let loose and enjoy myself. Would I be in better shape if I worked out like a maniac even on Sundays and stick to salads every day of the week? Probably! I would also be miserable and a pain in the ass to be around. It’s all about balance and a routine that works for you and makes you happy. Here are my tips to de-bloat and have a flat stomach again come Tuesday:

Light intermittent fasting

I have used this method for a couple of years now until I stumbled across the term “intermittent fasting” that is all the rage now. To me, fasting is never a long term solution or a weight loss tool, but a few hours of not putting anything solid into your system really helps to get rid of some bloating. If I had a rough weekend (aka carbs galore), I don’t eat solid food until around noon or 1pm on Monday, but only drink a bunch of water and black coffee. It helps you to digest any leftovers from Sunday and get on a regular schedule again, if you know what I mean. The trick is to really stick to water and tea or black coffee, no green juice, no fruit, obviously no dairy. Fruit and veggies are extremely quick to digest and will run into any undigested food that is still sitting in your colon, where it rots cause it cannot pass, which will lead to even more bloating. Dairy is a culprit I’m gonna touch on next.

Say No to Dairy

To achieve a flat stomach and get rid of bloating, stop consuming dairy. Altogether, and cold turkey. If you have skin issues, problems to lose weight, hormonal imbalances, IBS or other digestive issues, if you are constantly sick and have deep dark circles under your eyes and feel fatigued, stop even sooner. In the year 2017, where we have all the scientific proof that cow’s milk is harmful to the human body, that it is only meant for baby cows, that is a product of a cruel industry and – amongst other things -causes resistance against antibiotics etc etc., there is no reason to still rely on dairy. There are plenty better and more delicious options out there including coconut and almond milk, daiya cheese, coconut ice cream etc. Stay away from soy products as well as these interfere heavily with estrogen levels plus are heavily genetically modified. If you want a wholesome nutritional summary on why a Vegan diet is the healthiest for your body and the entire planet, please read The China Study. If you wanna learn about the Dairy and Meat Industry, watch the documentaries “Earthlings” and “Cowspiracy”. They are free to watch online. I don’t know anyone who has not become at least Vegetarian and/or cut out dairy after learning about the incredible cruelties of mass farming and dairy production.


If you feel really full and bloated, the last thing you probably wanna do is drink a bunch of fluids. Do it anyways, and try to stick to water. I almost never reach my daily goal of 8 oz but the more water I manage to down the quicker I feel light again, the clearer my mind gets and the happier I am. Hydration plays a huge part in all of our bodily functions, a lack of fluids can even lead to serious depression; sometimes a huge glass of water is all you need.

Why so salty?

Cut out all salt until you feel like yourself again, if you follow all these tips you should be golden after 24 hours. Look into hidden sodium in processed foods like bread and any kind of frozen meals. Try to stay away from processed items until the bloating is gone and stick to things that are easy to digest. Fruits and vegetables, especially raw are gonna cause more bloating so try to limit those and start eating them when your body has reset.


The easiest and funnest tip. Get moving and walk off the bloated stomach! No matter if you walk your dog, play with your kids, go for a run on the treadmill or swim a few laps in the pool. As long as you break a sweat and get out of breath. Any cardiovascular activity works best for me personally, but everyone is different. Moving is also the best hangover cure out there, especially on fresh air.

Sleep and Stress

One is hard to come by, the other one is permanent in all our lives, especially in the beginning of the week. Just be aware that bloating gets worse with sleep deprivation, since a lack of sleep results in digestive and hormonal issues, the same goes for too much stress. Try to sleep as much as you can and find outlets and methods to deal with stress and you will find that it will help a lot with debloating and weight loss in general.

I hope these tips and tricks help you get rid of any stomach bloating! Please let me know in the comments if this was helpful to you!!! I love to hear from you!


Love always, 

Sarah Vanessa