How to grow long hair

So you wanna grow out your hair. The bad news first: You’ll need some patience. The good news: That’s (almost) all you need. If you ask me, the number one trick to grow long, and healthy-ish hair is doing absolutely nothing to it – or as little as possible. That includes washing it. I wash my hair around once a week, sometimes I even go a little longer but that gets pretty gross since I tend to work out a lot. Dry Shampoo is my best friend. However, we all have different hair structures. Mine happens to be thick, frizzy and dry, which means I could easily go around two weeks without washing it. I might be sporting a few funky hairstyles at the end, but no one will notice that I have unwashed (aka dirty) hair, and it tends to look better with each day. Since I am not washing it as often, I only have to use heat on it once a week, so I only blow dry and curl it every 7 days, usually on the weekends. Blow Drying is very damaging to your hair if you do it every day or even every other day, and curling and flat ironing it a lot will give your poor hair the rest. So whatever hair type you were blessed with, the number one tip to make it grow is:

Don’t wash it!

Find a great dry shampoo that you love and that works for your hair type, for example if you have fine hair you wanna use a volumising one and so on. I really love the texturizing spray by Oribe, since it seems to soak up oil way better than regular dry shampoos plus it is amazing for all kinds of hairstyles as it gives your hair body, volume and as the name says, texture. I don’t need a lot or else I look like Mufasa, but for girls with very fine hair, this works wonders.

Invest in good haircare 

When you do have to wash your hair, you wanna use high quality products that don’t contain sulfates, parabens, dyes, perfumes etc. I am a huge fan of the Color Proof Crazy Smooth line. I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment for around 3 years and I don’t see myself switching it up any time soon. They are Vegan and cruelty free, smell heavenly and you only need the tiniest amount to get beautiful results. My hair has never looked better, grown longer, or made me happier. Plus I don’t constantly have to buy shampoo and conditioner, as this stuff lasts me around half a year which is fantastic. They are on the pricier side initially, but you get your money’s worth and your hair will be completely transformed.

Don’t cut it!

And don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise 😉 The only way to grow longer hair is to stop cutting it. If your hair is severely damaged, have your stylist or your mom cut it one single time to get rid of all the dead ends, and from then on start fresh. No more washing, styling, cutting. If you treat your hair well and leave it alone – kind of like a cat – it will be nice to you. 

Find an easy to maintain hair color

What I mean by that is, try to stay as close as possible to your natural hair color. If you are going for the platinum blond look when you are naturally a mousy brunette, you might have to sacrifice hair length and vice versa. A great compromise is Balayage: you basically have your stylist (or your mom) paint highlights in the ends of your hair but keep your roots natural, so that you can just grow your hair out without any demarcation line and without having to constantly bleach or dye them. Dying is far less damaging and can even make very fine hair a little thicker, so if you have grays and wanna dye them, that won’t interfere much with your growing out hair operation. 

My hair color

I get asked a lot who highlights my hair and the truth is, I only go to the salon around once a year, and I switch up stylists all the time. I always ask for the same thing though, natural Balayage in the color that my hair would naturally lighten in the Summer, which is an ashy blonde, level 9. My hair can go from a level 5 in winter all the way to a level 7 naturally. I sometimes dye my hair a dark brunette, like a level 6 or 5 but I quickly miss my highlights and always come back to those. If you wanna achieve similar highlights, ask for natural a Balayage or Bronde, and look for a stylist that uses Olaplex, which will prevent your hair from breaking during the bleaching process.

Diet and Exercise

My hair growth has a lot to do with my hormone levels. In my pregnancy, my hair grew like weeds. So if I eat well and healthy, which means mostly plant based Vegan and get a good amount of exercise, my hormone levels are in check and my hair and nails tend to grow faster and stronger. I have never tried any supplements or vitamins for my hair, biotin broke me out so I would probably stay away from that if you are acne prone.

Other favorite products (all cruelty free and/ or Vegan)

Some of my all time favorite products is the Colure True Color Care Shine Spray. It smells incredible, is Organic, Vegan, cruelty free, and completely natural, but gives your hair amazing shine and acts as a heat protectant. I rarely hear anyone talk about it but it is truly a miracle product. Don’t spray it into the roots though and only use a small amount or you will look like a greaseball. I also love the Oribe Royal Blowout Spray for when I wanna give myself  the perfect blowout at home and the Kenra Silkening Gloss, which I apply in damp hair before drying it; it makes my hair super smooth and shiny. I stopped using oils on my hair since they weighed it down and I like my hair rather wild instead of flat or sleek, but sometimes I rub some Argan Oil into the ends. Another favorite of mine is the Leyla Milani Hold it right there hairspray, which I always use when I curl my hair, but I’ll make a separate post on how I curl my hair.

I hope these tips help some of you to grow out your hair! Please let me know in the comments and add any tips and tricks you have to grow long, healthy hair.


Love always,


Sarah Vanessa



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