6 Reasons Not to Give Up on Your Dreams

If you are reading this, chances are you might be about to give up on the one thing that keeps you going, the one dream you have been dreaming, the goal you have been tirelessly working towards and no matter how much blood, sweat and tears you shed in the process, you are now convinced you will not make it. If this is you, please continue reading and I will do my best to convince you to hold on just a little longer:

The only thing you haven’t tried yet is NOT to give up

When you hit rock bottom and all you wanna do is quit your day dream once and for all, chances are this is not the first time in your life that you feel like this and you have probably done exactly that a bunch of times: You gave up. The good news is, you have nothing left to lose at this point. If you are willing to bury yet another dream, or the same dream yet again, you have basically come to the conclusion that all your hard work was in vain; that you are not worthy of pursuing this goal anymore, and that you don’t care whether you’ll regret this step in the future. You feel like you have done everything in your power to achieve this goal but all odds seem to be stacked against you and you have to let this fantasy go, just like in all the other scenarios before. Now ask yourself, if you have done anything and everything you could in all your past endeavors and you still haven’t succeeded, what might be that one thing that makes this time different? Exactly: this time, you don’t give up.

You are the chosen one

Sounds very Neo in the Matrix, and it kinda is. In this life of yours, you are the engineer, the producer, the director and, unfortunately, also the lead role. You have to write the script, set the stage and then act it all out. Sounds very overwhelming and tiring but also incredibly exciting, right? In the matrix of your life, you are the chosen one, you are the only one that has the power to change the world you live in, you are the only one that can make your personal dreams a reality. If you stop working towards your goals and dreams, no matter how big or small, or how long and tiresome the road seems to be, this unique story that you would have written for yourself, will never come into existence, and the what if? might hurt your future self more than any failure could ever hurt. 

Gratitude is the root of all inspiration

Whenever I feel like I will never achieve a certain goal in life, life has a tendency to remind me how grateful I should be for what I have already achieved and how lucky I am to have experienced so much joy and success so far. If you feel truly thankful for what you have instead of worrying about what’s missing at present, you will feel a very powerful sense of freedom, as if the future holds endless possibilities that are just waiting to be explored. Gratitude has been my biggest inspiration, especially in very dark moments of my life where I felt like there is no way to go.

Remember why you wanted this

Chances are, the circumstances have changed. Your interests, your passions, your priorities have shifted and you no longer feel you need to accomplish a certain goal to feel fulfilled. This is the only scenario in which you are allowed to give up. However, if you are still craving, longing, urging to fulfill this dream, this idea that consumes you, and the reasons why this is what you want are still valid, then you must not give up on it – come what may.

Let the universe surprise you

Working towards a goal that seems at times unattainable, getting back up after falling down, fighting off nay-sayers, being the only one that believes in you, is an extremely exhausting operation. Allow yourself, instead of giving up on your dream, to instead give up control over what’s gonna happen. While you are carrying on as if you would still believe in your success, keep doing what you are doing and let the universe surprise you. A lot of times, success is just around the corner, give it a chance to show up.

You deserve this

’nuff said.


Love always,