How to stay motivated to work out!

Most of you probably don’t know this but I gained around 80 lbs (36kg) in my pregnancy (“How to lose the baby weight”- post is coming, I promise!). Now that I have lost the weight and got back in shape I get asked a lot how I did it and since exercise played the biggest part in my transformation, I wanna start by sharing my tips on how I stay motivated to keep working out! Let’s face it, wanting a fit body and being motivated to get one is the easy part, the difficult thing is to become passionate about it and to stick with it, through thick or thin 😉 This is what works for me:

You only need to get to First Base

Let’s not sugarcoat it, your first workout after a long absence will suck. Whatever workout you choose to begin with, it won’t be pretty, you won’t feel pretty doing it and you will most likely feel like, what’s the point, I will never reach my goal of looking hot and fit and bikini ready or whatever your goal might be. That’s perfectly fine and normal and all you need to do is absolutely ignore those feelings and that nagging voice for now. Completely zone them out, they are useless and not helpful. What you do instead is, go back the next day or whenever your 2nd workout session is and do the same thing again. You are totally allowed to feel like a total loser the entire time, as long as you just go back and do your work. The most important workouts in your entire fitness journey are the very first ones that you suffer through until you hit what I call 1st base, then everything will change. 1st Base is the moment you notice a change in your body, in your mind, in the way you move, in the way your blood flows, in the way your posture improves and your confidence rises. This moment will come, guaranteed, for everyone. And once you realize that you hit first base, that you are capable of changing, that you have control over the health of your body and how much energy you are able to access, the negative voice in your head will most likely have disappeared. If you still hear it, don’t listen, instead focus on the progress and the success that awaits you. The first step is the absolute hardest and from now on things will get so much easier and actually, super fun!

The only workout that is right for you is the one you actually wanna do

In my opinion finding the right workout for you is just as crucial as deciding to get fit. Spending a little time finding out what it is that you enjoy is actually the best investment you can make for yourself. A good way of finding out what you like is figuring out what you don’t like. If you are shy and don’t like bodybuilders, you might not feel comfortable squatting in a big gym. If you don’t like getting close to sweaty feet and moving slowly hot yoga might not be for you and if you hate being attached to a bicycle you might not enjoy soul cycle. All these workouts are amazing and do wonders for the people that actually do them, because they enjoy doing them. You need to listen to your gut and in the best case, find a sport that you love so much that it becomes your passion. In some cases that could be as simple as walking your dog for loooong hours. Anything you love and do regularly and break a sweat it, will make you fit. I happen to be a duracell bunny who needs a high power workout to feel satisfied, I also am a Ballet fan, so when I found a method called Cardio Barre, I fell in love and went back for more and more and more, I could not get enough. Whatever it is, if you love it, you will do it, and the only workout that works, is the one you actually do.

Don’t wait for the motivation to set in

Working out is like writing, some days you will feel extremely inspired and could write a whole book in a night and it will feel so easy as if you were born to do write. Other days you will have writer’s block and can hardly write your name. If you wait to feel inspired and super motivated to work out, you will never work out and that dream body of yours will stay a beautiful dream as will the bestseller you didn’t write while waiting for the muse to kiss you. Working out entails the word “WORK” ’cause that is exactly what it is. There are many ways of making this work more enjoyable for you, but as rewarding as it will be if you stick with it, it is hard work that needs to be done. Every time, no matter if you feel like it or not.

Make up and Body Spray

I wasn’t sure if I should include this in the post since it’s probably a controversial topic BUT it plays such a big part in my workout routine that I just have to mention it. I don’t know about you girls, but if I work out in a room full of mirrors for a full hour, I need to look at least alive in order to wanna stay in that room for that long. I noticed that when I work out looking a hot mess (before!!, after is mandatory of course) I don’t push myself as hard and I am in a bad mood the whole time. I don’t think that’s just vanity, I simply think we are visual beings and if we see something cute while working our butts off it motivates us to push harder. Wearing a full face of makeup, especially foundation is probably counterproductive but I always make sure to do my brows and wear some waterproof mascara and some clear lipgloss, dry lips are the worst. If I am on the treadmill in my garage by the way I will most likely be in my underpants with no makeup and a crazy bird’s nest on my head, because no mirrors 😉 Another thing I do religiously is to spray myself with 5 different body sprays that make me happy and energize me, fruity scents work the best I found out and I swear at least one person will comment on how good the room smells when I work out next to them.  Whenever I don’t wanna get ready and would rather kill myself than to go and work out, I spray my body sprays and I swear, it it is a game changer. Try it out!

Work out in the same outfit

I know some people love to work out in a different cute set every time they go to the gym, but for me personally, the exact opposite helps me stay motivated. I wanna see my body change and if I wear the same few yoga pants regularly I notice every little change immediately since my body looks different in them. Once you reached your goal you will probably look smoking hot in every outfit and you wanna show that off, but I am become very attached to my work attire since it has been through a lot with me, so I don’t change it up a lot. Try it and let me know if it works for you. If you do, make sure to invest in a pair or two of high quality yoga pants that you can wash and dry every day. If you find your favorite one, buy multiple pairs, this is your uniform.

If you eat Hot Cheetos all night every night these tips might not work at their full potential so I will follow this up with a diet post, but for now I hope this helps!

Let me know what your favorite workouts are, I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Love always,

Sarah Vanessa


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