If you’re going to San Francisco…

After living in Orange County for almost 4 years now, San Francisco reminded me again how much I love and miss the energy of a big city.  The first time I visited SF was exactly 10 years ago and I really only remember walking around Union Square. I also remember the gloomy weather back then and my dreaded frizzy hair. Imagine my surprise when I touched down at San Francisco International Airport on the most gorgeous Summer’s day, 75 degrees, no cloud in the blinding blue sky, and took an Uber – the first of many – through one of the most amazing cities I had ever been to.

 I was shocked at how many different places seem to be combined into one here, the harbor, the hills, the lush green parks, the downtown shopping, the clean financial district, China town, the Victorian houses I became obsessed with – it looked like someone took their favorite attributes a large town can offer, mixed them all up and created a fascinating cocktail of a metropolis. What struck me most was how open minded and uplifting the people were that I met here, how delicious every single meal was and the feeling that I could walk for hours and days and weeks and never get tired of finding new hidden spots to eat, relax and enjoy. To give you the best overview of my weekend trip in the Bay City I’ll divide my post into my personal highlights, I hope you enjoy!


The Hotel

By now you probably all know I am a sucker for beautiful hotels. If I could, I would live in one. And if that would be the famous Fairmont San Francisco, even better. I fell in love with this hotel! The ride up to the chic Nob Hill area alone made me so excited to see where we would be staying and the luxurious establishment did not disappoint. The views over historic San Francisco atop Nob Hill were spectacular. I was obsessed with the grandeur of the gorgeous foyer, everything from the charming bellboys to the sparkling chandeliers exuded a sophisticated elegance and a scent of the past.

Vegan Picnic

As most of you know I am Vegan, my husband and travel partner in crime is not, however he enjoys discovering good Vegan restaurants with me. If a place gets the approval of a meat eater, we can definitely recommend it to everyone. The gem we found in San Francisco was called “Vegan Picnic”, and was actually just a short cable car ride away from our hotel. Since our burgers were so amazingly delicious I actually completely forgot to take some close ups of our food, or I just came too late, but here is one of me in Vegan heaven with my crab burger. Seriously one of the best Vegan food I ever had, hubby loved his Crispy Chicken burger as well. Please try their Macaroni Salad too if you ever stumble upon this place, it is fantastic.

After our tasty lunch we walked down to Union Square to enjoy Downtown during sunset. Union Square holds a special place in our hearts since we have met here 9 years ago in the Summer of 2008 before leaving one another for a good 5 years and we really enjoyed being back.


China Town, Financial District and Port of San Francisco

The next morning we decided to just put on our sneakers and start walking, my favorite thing to do in a new city. We found ourselves in vibrant, chaotic China Town, strolled through the very clean and sophisticated Financial District with its beautiful boutiques and ended up at the Port of SF where masses of smiling, chatting, eating happy people started their weekend, it was a gorgeous day.


Frog Hollow Farm Market and Café

This place needs his own category. I have rarely eaten such fantastic food with such a great view and a and uplifting energy around. When we got to the market halls at the Port we were starving, we had probably been walking for a good three hours and were searching for the best lunch spot. We found it right next to farm stands full of beautiful fresh produce, including a stand with the most amazing peaches in the world. Frog Hollow is a farm to table restaurant, located right on the pier overlooking the water and the market stands. Amongst other yummy treats we got a sensational avocado toast (mine at home tastes like cardboard now compared), the freshest peach pie and a yummy peach Bellini. I wish you could taste these through the computer. Heck I wish I could!


Victorian Houses

The next two days we spent exploring the city by Uber since we wanted to see so many places and only had such little time. And I would just fall in love with all the gorgeous, intricate Victorian houses so I often jumped out and just snapped some pics of them. Here are a few of my faves:


The next morning before our flight we finally got a little taste of the cooler, windy side of San Francisco and of course I was freezing in my flip flops and changed into a big knit sweater when we had yummy beignets at the Fairmont lounge before heading to the airport.

I can’t wait to be back in this beautiful city! Have you been to San Francisco and what are your favorite spots to check out? Please share in the comments!

Love always,

Sarah Vanessa