One Night in Vegas

Spontaneous short trips are my absolute favorite, especially if they involve a road trip. When we decided to spend a night in Vegas for a little getaway, I was almost more excited for the drive there than about anything else, so I convinced my hubby to skip the flight this time and just get in the car and drive. It was so fun. Talking about everything and anything, singing at the top of our lungs to all of our all time favorite songs, which basically meant I forced Jon to listen to my entire 70’s playlist. Obviously “A horse with no name” or “Mrs Robinson” are the perfect soundtracks to driving through the Cali desert, but usually we end up with “Magico” by Mika Mendes and John Legend’s “Love me now”.

The obligatory gas stop in Barstow made me nostalgic about the last few times we came here to get snacks and coffee, the first time 10 years ago when we were kids, then in 2012 before we were even married. 10 years ago there was no Starbucks in Barstow, or I just don’t remember it, but just seeing this little town every few years makes me so excited, the super dry heat, the tourists, the drunks, the bachelorettes, everyone meets in Barstow before it’s going down, it’s tradition.  My outfit for the drive was a super soft faux suede mini skirt in an olive color and a white knit lace up crop top by Windsor, both very stretchy and lightweight, perfect for the almost 110 degrees that were blazing through the desert that weekend.

When we pulled into the valet of the Wynn, I already knew I would love this  hotel. Short lines, everything went super smooth and the bellhops were extremely friendly and helpful. Stepping into the lobby felt like walking into a beautiful flower painting, everything was airy and fresh and colorful which I loved.

After checking in we walked through the beautiful Jardin, a phantastical garden with a carousel and a hot air balloon that are made completely out of flowers. My favorite part about the Wynn is definitely the gorgeous pool area with its whimsical balconies and cabanas, I love the vintage feel of it, it’s definitely my favorite pool area in Vegas. We also had the sweetest waitress that wanted to know everything about my hometown Berlin and especially about the drink I ordered, Champagne with Ketel Vodka, she even wanted to convince the Bar chef to put it on the menu. We had an amazing time lounging by the pool until the sun set. I wore a white cut out swimsuit by Asos which and a lace cover up with bell sleeves by Forever 21, which went perfect with Vintage feel of the pool area, for shoes I wore tan lace up sandals, also by Forever 21, here in black.

After the sun had set we went back to our hotel room that had a fantastic view over the strip and I started getting ready. I used to be extremely unorganized packing for trips, I would just throw all my favorite pieces in a suitcase, hoping that things would go together or I would try on a bunch of things in the hotel room. But since I became a mom, I have become much more impatient and time efficient. I plan all my outfits beforehand and only take one option for each event. Sounds simple, but for someone as chaotic as I am, this is actually a revolutionary thing. I knew I would go to the pool, see a show, go to dinner and drinks, and to lunch the next day. So I packed two bathing suits, a cover up, cute sandals to walk around the pool in, a little black dress for dinner and a cute two piece for the next day.


For the first time ever I actually managed to not get my hair wet at the pool, as it takes forever to wash and style. If we go on a one night only trip I usually style my hair in the morning so I don’t have to do much in the hotel later. I just re-curled it a little and Voilà! My absolute favorite tool to curl my hair with is the Leyla Milani 3 in 1 curler, I always talk about it (she has no idea idea that I exist so this is not sponsored). A make up artist and friend of Leyla’s used it one me a few years ago and it is the only curling iron that goes everywhere with me and that I can always rely on. As much as I hate doing my hair on vacation, I love spending a little more time doing my makeup in hotel bathrooms, the lighting at the Wynn was amazing and since I never have time to do it at home, I really enjoyed putting on lashes and enough highlighter to look like a disco ball, Viva Las Vegas!

For my little black dress I wore a cut out bandage dress by Angl. I could not find anything at the mall when I went shopping last minutes as per usual, until I saw this one in the window and a nice sales girl took it off the mannequin for me. Since I had no time and had to get home to my toddler, I never tried it on and just hoped it would work. Luckily it fit like a glove and hubby loved it, too. I wore my Stuart Weitzman “Nudist” Heels with it. Anyone who owns these shoes will understand my love/hate relationship with them. They are gorgeous and make your legs look super long, but they are extremely high and due to the texture of them, they will literally scrape your toes open if you don’t put band-aids or a gel pillow between the soles and your feet, which of course I always forget to do, so walking through restaurants and casinos and back to the room became a little painful after a few hours.  

The next morning we decided to take a few pictures of one of my favorite dresses, a fairy like see through sparkly dream dress from Tigermist, I felt like I could get married to an elf from Middle Earth in that.

For our farewell brunch we decided to stay in our hotel and check out the Terrace Pointe Café that overlooks the pool, it had beautiful ambiance and the food was amazing. I could not believe they actually had Vegan hangover food and was so excited for my Vegan chicken and waffles, and they were so delicious. For starters we ordered a fruit plate, mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. For my brunch outfit I wore a two piece by Tigermist. Afterwards we strolled through the hotel for some ice cream and sorbet and some shopping. 

If you are looking to try a new hotel in Las Vegas, I would definitely recommend the Wynn, it had a real feel good vibe, beautiful interior design, amazing rooms and suites and great food.

We’ll be back soon!